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Akhi wa Ukhti

Akhi wa ukhti fillah …
Love the highest and most obliged and most helpful is the absolute love of Allah Ta’ala alone, accompanied by the formation of mental attitude divinize only Allah Ta’ala alone. Because the name of God is something that the human heart inclined to him with a sense of love with her adorable and raised, in total submission and surrender, and surrender his life fully to Him. God Almighty shall be loved for His own Essence, whereas the addition of Allaah be loved only as a consequence of the love of Allah, the Exalted.

Akhi wa ukhti fillah …
In Sunan al-Tirmidhi and others, the Prophet Shalallaahu alaihi wasalam said:
“The rope is the strongest faith is love for God and hatred for God.” (HR.At Tirmidhi)
In another narration, the Prophet also said:
“Whoever loves for Allah, hates for Allah, gives for Allah and do not give because of God, then it really has perfect faith.” (Narrated by Abu Dawood and At-Tirmidhi, he says hasan hadeeth)

Akhi wa Ukhti
Of the two above hadith we can know that we must give our love and devotion to God Almighty alone. We have to love to something you love Allah, hate against all who hated God Almighty, what the blessed pleasure to God Almighty, no pleasure to those who are not blessed God Almighty, ordered to what is commanded of God Almighty, to prevent all that prevented God Almighty, God gives to people who love to give and not give to the person who God Almighty does not like if he was given.

akhi wa ukhti fillah …
In that sense according to the Shari’a, is meant by al-hubbu fillah (love for Allah swt) is devoted love and affection to those who believe and obey Allah ta’ala because of faith and obedience that they do.
While the definition of al-bughdu fillah (hate for Allah) is devoted dislike and hatred to those who associate God and to people who out of obedience to Him because they have committed acts that elicit anger and hatred of God, even though they are the ones who close relationship with us.

As Allah the Exalted:
“You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, mutual affection with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if those people had fathers, children, brothers or sisters of their families.” (Al -Mujadalah: 22)

Akhi wa ukhti fillah …
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “Behold, a believer shall be poured out her love and affection even though persecuted and disturb you, and shall be poured out to him an infidel hatred and enmity, although always giving and doing good to you.”

Akhi wa ukhti fillah …
In accordance with what was said by Syakhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, let us seek refuge in the Essence of tossing and turning the heart, so that our hearts are soldered with a love and hatred that is prescribed by Allah and His Messenger. Because sometimes the people who oppose God around us better attitude toward us from those who believe in Allah swt, that we forget and the more love the unbelievers from the people who believe. Naudzubilla dzalik min.

Akhi wa ukhti fillah …

In view content ahlusunnah wal jama’ah love and hatred that must be expended divided into three groups:

1. the people who poured out her love and affection in their entirety. They are people who believe in Allah Almighty and His Messenger, implement the teachings of Islam and its milestones with firm knowledge and belief. They are the ones who give up all the deeds and words to God Almighty alone. They are the ones who are subject to more obedient to the commandments of God and His Apostle and refrain from any yng forbidden by Allah and His Messenger. They are people who pour out love, kewala’an, hatred and enmity for Allah Ta’ala and the Prophet’s words Shalallaahu precedence over the other alaihi wasalam anyone person.

2. the people who loved and hated from one side of the other side.
They are the people who mencampuradukan between good deeds with bad deeds, then they are loved and pitied by the existing levels of goodness in themselves, and hated and despised in accordance with the level of ugliness that is in them. In this case we have to sort through, like muamalah Shalallaahu Prophet alaihi wasalam against a friend who named Abdullah bin Himar. At that Abdulllah bin Himar in a state of drinking wine then they brought him presented to the Prophet Shalallaahu alaihi wasalam, suddenly alone melaknatnya man then said: “how often he brought Shalallaahu alaihi wasalam presented to the Prophet in a drunken state.” Messenger of Allah said: “Do not melaknatnya thee. Indeed he is a person who love Allah and His Messenger (Shohih Al-Bukhari book Al-Hudud). And akhi wa ukhti, narrated by Abu Dawud in the book of Al-Asyribah juz 4 that dishahihkan by Al-Bani in Saheeh Al-Jami Ash Shaghir hadith number 4967 n Messenger has cursed wine, people drink, people who sell it, people who squeeze and people who asked for the squeeze, people who took him and the people who brought wine to him.

3. the people who poured out her hatred and hostility in their entirety.
They are people who do not believe in the pillars of faith and those who deny the pillars of Islam either in part or whole with a sense of steady, people who deny asthma ‘wa ta’ala nature of God, or people who merge with Ahlu bid ah perverse and misleading, or people who do things that cancel has become Muslim. Against this man must for us to hate a whole, because they are the enemies of Allah and His Messenger Shalallaahu alaihi wasalam.

Akhi wa ukhti fillah …
There are several factors that can strengthen the love in Allah swt, among others:

1. Notify the loved ones that we love because of Allah Ta’ala. It was narrated from Abu Dhar Radhiallaahu anhu, that he heard the Messenger of Shalallaahu alaihi wasalam said:
“If any one of you love her let her go to her house and told her that he loves her (a friend did) because Allah, the Exalted.” (HR.Ibnul Mubarok in the book of Az-Zuhdu, p. 712 with isnaad shohih)

2. Give each other gifts
Messenger of Allah said in the report of Abu Hurayrah Radhiallaahu anhu:
“Mutual is a gift you give, you will undoubtedly love each other.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari in the book Adabul Mufrod, p. 120 and Baihaqi 6 / 169 with a hasan chain)

3. Visit each other
Messenger of Allah said in the narration of Abu Hurairah.
“O Abu Huraira! Have a look at you with a good not too often and too seldom, surely will grow something with love. “(HR.Thabrani and Bayhaqi with a saheeh isnaad)

4. Distribute mutual greeting.
“It is not you guys go to heaven so that you have faith, do not you believe that you love each other, Will you show me something if you do it will love each other? Scatter greeting among you. “(Narrated by Muslim, 2 / 35).

5. Leaving sins.
In this case the Messenger of Allah said:
“It is not two people who loved each other because of God or because Islam later split up unless one of the them had sinned.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari in his book Al-Adab AlMufrad hal.84)

6. Leaving act backbiting (talk something about his brother at the time did not exist, and if his brother is listening to him get angry or dislike). Allah Almighty says:
“O ye who believe, avoid most of suspicion, indeed some suspicion is sinful and not some of you gossiping (backbiting), most of the others, like if one of you eat the flesh of his brother who is dead? Then of course you feel disgusted him. And be cautious is to Allah, indeed Allah Almighty Recipient repentance, Most Merciful. “(Al-Hujurat: 12)

Akhi wa ukhti fillah …
Mutual obligation in Allah’s love is not a command that does not bring any results. But Allah ordered something there must be some fruit, and the results. May Allah make us as people who are submissive to God Almighty. May the love and hatred we are always in accordance with what has been prescribed by Allah and His Messenger. Moreover, we expect except get the love of God Almighty, get the glory of God, get a shade of ‘Throne of God Almighty on the day there was no shade except His shade, reaching the sweetness of Iman, get the perfection of faith and enter into His Heaven
high. May God always bless and have mercy on us. Aamiin.

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